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one by one the neighbors' lights come on
our october day is almost gone
7th-Feb-2020 09:29 pm - friends only.
korra -> city
Most of this journal is friends locked. ♥

Comment here if you want to add me, or I probably won't add you back. Enjoy your stay! 

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korra -> city
A classmate from high school, who I'd known for almost ten years passed away last month in his sleep.  I didn't really know him personally, but the fact that I'd gone through classes, group projects, football games, homecoming parades, prom, graduation with him shocked me. It's painful to see somebody grow up and then all of a sudden disappear. Somebody so young and ready for life.

He was part of a journey, after all. Indirectly or not, he composed a part of who I was, of who we were.

Rest in peace, Anthony Guzman. May your family be given the strength to move on, especially your sisters.


Meme from the fabulous [info]strawberryburst 

Tell me a story. Write me a novel, or give me a single sentence, one word. Give me a comment and see if I can figure it out. Tell me of your love, your hate, tell me you don't care.

Confess to something you're proud of, admit to something you're ashamed of. Tell me your deepest secrets, or tell me something you think I should know about you and don't. Ask me anything you would like to know about me. Get something off your chest, tell me I'm an idiot. Tell me you're an idiot.

Tell me you love me. Tell me you hate me. Tell me you love someone else. Tell me anything of worth or just something random you want to share. Ask for my advice on something. Give me your advice on something. Tell me we should talk more. Tell me we should talk less. Ask me "truth or dare." Anything. I'll listen, and comment back if you so desire.

Comment logged in or anonymous, if you'd like to keep your identity a secret.
20th-Feb-2010 09:11 pm - Wow, this is random~
korra -> city
  • hetalia_penpals has such a wonderful concept behind it. Getting to meet people from all around the world, learning about cultures, getting to use awesome stationary, adding friends to your LJ and flailing about Hetalia? It couldn't get better than this. I'm adding my own post soon~
  • Been obsessed with the Winter Olympics like whoah. Well, mostly the ice skating bits and whatever comes on whenever I turn on my TV. I kind of almost want to see a nation that nobody expected ever to win the medal count, though. Like Canada, or Spain, or even Brazil or something like that. It's always the same feud between the Russians and the Americans, and the Germans kicking ass alongside. I get a little tired of it. On a random kind of depressing but nonetheless hilariously cute note, I found out that Costa Rica has only won three Olympic medals. Ever. And that was for swimming with the same two sisters who aren't even Costa Ricans by birth or by ethnicity. orz.
  • I sometimes wonder why my parents chose to live in such a cramped space in the city when there's so many beautiful areas in the mountains to build a little house on. The one place that I went to today was absolutely breathtaking. Granted, it's significantly more expensive, but still. And... then again, my house is actually pretty decent and nice compared to other areas around San Pedro and I even have a flowering tree and christophenes outside of my window. Yeah, shutting up now. XD 
  •  What's not cool though is mosquitoes. Gah. They're all over the place around this time and I've been itchy and it's nasty.
  • Oh! And Robles de Sabana are flowering now. They're special.
  • I found some old pictures from about three years ago back when I was taking tango lessons and I've lost a lot of weight since then! In fact, some of  the shirts and jeans that I wear now are so ridiculously loose on me. :D
  • My brother has this neat little book called Numbers which contains hilarious, surprising and sometimes downright depressing statistics. I thought I'd share some with you guys. Have to warn you though, most of them aren't innocent at all and I don't mean to offend anyone with them. Oh yeah, and the authors are British, in case anyone is wondering why he picks on the Brits so much. But the best part is some of them even scream Hetalia. XD 
     Outrageous, and possibly stereotypical, stats coming up next. If you are offended by them, then don't click. Collapse )

Oh, and before I forget again.

Day 03 → Your favorite television show
Day 04 → Your favorite book
Day 05 → Your favorite quote

Pick me, choose me, love me. Collapse )


22nd-Jun-2009 11:07 am - Taking Control (Anya/Dimitri)
korra -> city

Title: Taking Control
Fandom: Anastasia
Length: 290 words
Prompt: springkink   Anastasia, Anya/Dimitri: masquerade/running a con - "I'll get you for this later."
Rating: G
Excerpt: Throughout the bulk of their many adventures, throughout the sneaking in, running wild and breaking the rules, none could bring out the laughter in Anya as watching Dimitri dress in women's clothing.


He was determined to be one of them as far as he could remember. Collapse )
4th-Jun-2009 07:18 pm - angel (bella + edward)
korra -> city

(Twilight? Yes. This is my first one.)

Title: Angel
Fandom: Twilight
Length: 355 Words
Pairing: Bella/Edward
Rating: G
Excerpt: Is it possible to anger you guardian angel? His expression remained calm, but a quiver riffed across his wings. Heaven forgive me, I hadn’t meant to scream at my angel, Edward.




Read more...Collapse )
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