one by one the neighbors' lights come on

our october day is almost gone

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This is starlightfairy2's journal. Inside you will find her intrepid and often long-winded adventures, that is, if she finds the time to write about them. Political at heart, she is an avid supporter of human rights, equality and the environment. Perhaps this is why she found herself majoring in Political Science and Sociology (though Anthropology is where her heart lies) and hopes to change the world one day. She also has many interests, such as classical music, opera, singing, knitting, gardening, photography, literature, nature and anthropomorphic countries with pretty faces. That said, she happens to lurk and ocassionaly contribute to the Hetalia fandom, but does have other fictional loves, such as Kuroshitsuji, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, anything Miyazaki, etc., and she welcomes all fellow fans. Finally, she is currently living in Costa Rica, her birthplace/half home, but cannot wait to finally embark in the gypsy lifestyle she was raised into.

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